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Spend more time teaching and less time prepping with these ready-to-go programs that are proven to be well received by students and organizations alike. 

All programs are aligned with The Dharana Method® philosophy.

Resources Directly from My Guru, Dr. Deepak Chopra


Courses and downloads on Pranayama, Ayurveda, Weight-loss, Better Sleep, Happiness and more!

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corporate meditation utah mindfulness slc teambuilding

Corporate Meditation Program

The essential foundation and templates for pitching a series to a corporation or other organization, or offering in your own space.

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Intro to Meditation Presentation

Get your audience interested in meditation! Whether you are doing a workshop or speaking engagement, this PowerPoint presentation covers the following bases:

  • Background and benefits of meditation
  • Rewiring your brain with meditation 
  • How to experience "the gap" between thoughts
  • What kinds of meditation are there?
learn to meditate online utah slc mindfulness


  • 8-week Learn Meditation Program
  • 15 day Mindfulness Challenge
  • Mindful Emotions
  • and More!

Trusted Advisors, Mentors and Instructors

We consult trusted scholars to bring you accurate information. You are welcome to contact any one of them for mentoring. 

**Some mentors may have additional requirements/payment for scheduling a session. Contact them directly for more information.

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amanda jones meditation meditate utah mindfulness

Amanda Jones (Avtar Devi Kaur)

On her constantly evolving path of remembering wholeness, Amanda Jones found that meditation is key. Her career as a journalist taught her to seek the truth, and she found it in mantra, Vedanta, manifestation and yoga. It brings her joy to connect seekers to teachers, and gather the community together at mindful trainings and events. Amanda is the founder and lead trainer at The Dharana Method, as well as a Vedic & Mantra meditation teacher certified by Dr. Deepak Chopra. She has been a regular wellness expert for several TV shows, as well as the animal- and Earth-lover who founded and leads Yoga with the Sharks at the aquarium. She also works as a TV host at Fox13’s “The Place” in Salt Lake City.

hello (at)

Em Capito, LCSW dharana meditation

Em Capito, LCSW & MBA

Em is a clinical therapist who has been practicing for more than 10 years, and now aims to challenge how we think about and respond to adversity. Her courses, speaking engagements, blog and events intend to help you boost resiliency in order to gracefully handle trauma. Em is a Dharana-certified meditation teacher and also a LifePower yoga teacher.

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sonia moon babes meditation dharana

Sonia Griffa Godfrey

Hi, I'm Sonia! I am a Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Meditation Teacher.  I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and after working as a successful business executive for 15 years I have become a Spiritual Entrepreneur and Teacher.  I've been practicing Meditation, Gestalt Therapy & Dreamwork (one of my favorites), and many other subconscious reprogramming techniques for nearly 10 years. I have been blessed to learn from shamans and gurus, and I have developed a gift of intuitive connection with all Cosmic Universal Energy. I have a big passion for Kundalini Meditation and all things Astrology, especially the cycles of the Moon. I love to host Full Moon Meditations, Meditation Circles and Spiritual Ceremonies.  My intention behind every one-on-one coaching session and any of my events is to create a little slice of Heaven on Earth. A beautiful, safe, fun and inspirational environment in which everyone around me feels comfortable, and enjoy having profound experiences of soul connection, tuning into divine purpose, and experience pure, blissful, child-like joy. 

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tim lewis vedic astrology utah dharana

Timothy Lewis

Timothy Lewis has studied Ayurveda and taught yoga since 2007. He received his training through the California College of Ayurveda and Flow Yoga in SLC. Tim has studied and had been practicing for many years many varied aspects of Vedic philosophy, including science of Vedic astrology, Mantra, Sanskrit, various forms of meditation, and Ayurveda/Yoga as a specialty. Timothy has an Ayurvedic Health Educator Certification, Pancha Karma therapies Certification, as well as a certification in making herbal medicines. 

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trinh mai mbsr utah mindfulness dharana

Trinh Mai

Trinh Mai is Qualified Teacher of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), trained by the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare, and Society, UMASS Medical School. She currently teaches MBSR at the University of Utah and has taught mindfulness in a variety of community settings. Trinh has cultivated a personal mindfulness practice for over ten years; her practice has been supported by retreats and workshops in Insight Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and Mindfulness
Oriented Recovery Enhancement (MORE). She is a licensed clinical social worker and faculty at the University of Utah, College of Social Work.

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josh hill buddhism buddhist utah zen dharana

Joshua Hill (Chan Quang Tru)

Joshua Hill, Chan Quang Tru, is an ordained lay minister in Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh's Order of Interbeing. He began studying Buddhism and experimenting with meditation in his early teens and began a serious practice in his early twenties. He has frequently studied on retreat with several Dharma teachers in the Vietnamese Zen tradition over the past five years, as well as continued practicing with Tibetan Buddhist and Theravada communities. He facilitates the True Mountain Sangha in Salt Lake City, volunteers as a facilitator and coordinator for the Buddhist Services at the Utah State Prison, and serves as a mentor with the BAUS prison correspondence Buddhist studies course.

He enjoys spending time with his 3 sons, music, art, nature, reading, and travel in his personal time.

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Facilitators of the Dharana Method
Meditation Teacher Training

rosemary roberts meditation

Rosemary Roberts

Virtual and In-Person Training, based in the UK

Gifted with the ability to feel the vibration of a person’s soul expression through the quality of their sound and their movements, and the ability to see others as they really are and not through their conditioned personality, developed my passion in assisting others to experience the joy of being in love with life and shining their light into the world.

I have cultivated a personal practice of Inner Love Moving Meditation, Singing and Chanting for more than 20 years whilst facilitating “Embracing Your True Expression” workshops for children and adults.

Founder and Lead trainer for “Goody Moves” Inner Love Moving Meditation. Goody Moves is designed to assist you in cultivating a union between body, soul and mind by expanding your consciousness, enhancing your health and vitality through a series of physical movements, stretches, mantra’s, inner love meditation and deep breathing techniques.

I enjoy assisting others to be all that they can be through Ancient Divine Beautiful Love Healing, Soul Liberation Techniques, Sacred Singing, Energy Medicine, Sacred Dance, Shakti-Pati Tantric Guru Yoni Breathing, Embracing Your True Expression Through Assertiveness Coaching and so much more.

Experienced and Qualified Meditation Teacher and Teacher Training 100-hour Certificate Facilitator. I hold a Post Graduate Certificate in Therapeutic Communication with children and adults coupled with a UK-awarded Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in School’s certification.

Initially I assisted in supporting adults and children with a wide range of SEN (Special Education Needs) learning difficulties, and now I support children and adults in developing confidence and self-value.

I Love Mother Earth, children, and All our animal friends and I am part of a growing non-profit based charity “LafinAngels” that selflessly work towards promoting animal wellness awareness and compassionate living with each other in reverence and devotion to Mother Earth.

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melanie dharana facilitator

Melanie Fry

In-Person Training, based in Canada

Melanie is a dynamic business woman, recognized entrepreneur, influencer. She is dedicated to help humans to thrive, build confidence, being aware of the present and moving past pain. Life purpose and self-actualization most people would call a dream life. Melanie specializes in helping individuals create the life they want as you can achieve anything you want when you Set Yourself of Fire, build clarity towards to the quality of life they want and bring awareness to the “little things” what fuels our drive and energy to be present and stay connected. She has 200 hours of meditation teacher training, and is also a Just Strong ambassador.

With 20 plus years in the Mental Health community as a Counselor and Child and Youth Worker, her soft nature provides a safe environment for individuals to build, self-confidence, self-worth, healing from inside-out with the Mind-Body-Connection. Helping individuals build a toolbox, offering guidance and support, to provide Hope, Healing and Relief from dealing with Mental Illness. Educating individuals, they have a voice #EndTheStigma. Getting unstuck.

She is a seasoned Inspirational speaker and has been on numerous TV and radio shows. Melanie empowers others to make positive change in their own lives, be resilient to owing their own story and their own journey, and to have a life of mindful living. She has dedicated her mission to sharing; Mental Wellness and Mindfulness, Resiliency, Meditation to all humans of all walks of life. Empower others to have a profound transformation in their lives.

When Melanie is not studying, reading or creating healing one-of-a-kind aromatherapy jewelery with her own brand of essential oils (JAM Designs). She loves spending time with nature, family and cuddles with the fur babies.

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