Meditation mindfulness teacher training certification

Become a Meditation Teacher


with our comprehensive, exceptionally convenient teacher training.

We have interviewed studios, organizations and academic institutions to find out what they're looking for when hiring a meditation teacher.

Our convenient, affordable course provides you with expertise in the top fields of meditation, including Neuroplasticity, mindfulness-based stress reduction, Buddhist meditation and Vedic meditation. 


Learning Outcomes

Level I


WHAT IT IS // Twelve 60-minute virtual classes | 84 hours of home study | Teach & attend peer classes

Level II


WHAT IT IS // Six 2-hour in-person or virtual workshops | Meditation retreat that is 3 days or longer | One-on-one mentoring session with the teacher of your choice | Receive assistance organizing a teaching job in a business, school or community organization

Find dates and more details for Level II here.

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